frequently asked questions

q: can i wear my pieces in water?
a: short answer: yes! gold filled pieces are water and tarnish resistant! your pieces will last longer depending on the level of wear and care. every day exposure to water like in the shower and washing dishes is fine for your gold filled pieces. we recommend avoiding harsh chemicals such as chlorine, salt water, perfumes, lotions and soaps as they may alter the gold differently.

q: can you tell me more about what "gold filled" is?
a: gold filled behaves the same as solid gold. it is an legalized standard where 5% (1/20) of gold is bonded over a base metal. gold filled pieces are the most durable and most similar to solid gold. they are water and tarnish resistant and the most affordable option to solid gold. depending on wear and care, it could last a life time.

q: can you tell me more about what "gold vermeil' is?
a: gold vermeil refers to when gold is plated over sterling silver instead of any other base metal. gold vermeil is also a great alternative to solid gold, but since the standard of gold plating is not as strict as gold filled pieces, the gold can wear out sooner than gold filled pieces and we recommend not getting gold vermeil pieces wet, however it again depends on wear and care.

q: how do i become a stockist?
a: please send us a note through our Contact Form and tell us a little bit about yourself and your shop - we'll contact you in 1-2 business days!

q: i want to order in bulk, do you offer discounts?
a: yes! depending on the quantity and items requested, we offer select discounts for larger orders such as bridal showers, party favors, and more. please send us a note through our Contact Form and tell us a little bit about what you're dreaming of

q: do i get free shipping?
a: we want to make sure you know exactly where your jewelry is at all times and so happy to offer FREE TRACKED SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS $115+. all other orders is a flat $10 fee within Canada and USA.

q: how long does it take to dispatch my order once I order online?
a: once your order is placed, it will be dispatched in 1-4 business days unless otherwise specified during peak times.

q: how long does shipping take?
a: our products are shipped with Canada Post and usually will take 2-6 business days within Canada and 5-14 business days to USA. please note, these are estimated delivery dates and we cannot guarantee delivery date once your package is with Canada Post.

q: do you accept returns or exchanges?
a: due to the nature of our products we do not accept returns or exchanges. if you have any questions or concerns about your new piece please send us a note through the Contact Form

q: is For The Seconds an eco-friendly brand?
a: we always have the environment and our footprint in mind and are continuously looking to be better and continue our learning. Here’s a few areas we try our best to help our earth:

---Recycling and Upcycling metals: we’re able to recycle our metals and jewelry through a local refinery
---Eco-friendly packaging: 100% of our packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable! 
---Clean & Ethical production: our pieces are handmade by me and when partnering with other manufacturing companies, we ensure they are following fair work practices.
---Cleaning your jewelry: we believe in clean and natural products! All our jewelry needs is some TLC when being worn and stored with clean warm water & clean dry cloth.